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    Refund and Returns Policy

    This Refund and Returns Policy shall only be applicable for products ordered directly via SouthSavour’s website.

    SouthSavour is constantly striving to the best of our ability and efforts to ensure that our customer orders are fulfilled correctly. Given the nature of our products, we generally do not offer refunds or credits on purchases unless the products ordered are not delivered as expected or as required by law.

    If you receive any product(s) and are not satisfied with it, you may be eligible for a return or exchange if you contact us within 24 hours of delivery. Please note that you will be eligible for a return or exchange only if the delivered product does not meet SouthSavour’s standards. You would not be eligible for a refund for reasons beyond SouthSavour’s control, such as taste preference, failure to store the product as instructed, or any other reason determined by SouthSavour.

    In case the customer wishes to cancel an order, SouthSavour will try to cancel the order but may not be able to do so depending on the status of the order (e.g. if the order is already being processed, has been dispatched, or is in any state that cannot be cancelled)